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Membership in ACE of Florida offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal and career growth. With a robust array of offerings including in-person and virtual professional development sessions, advocacy initiatives, networking, support, and access to comprehensive training and resources, ACE provides a dynamic platform for adult education professionals, volunteers, and business partners. Whether you're seeking to expand your skill set, stay abreast of adult education trends, or forge meaningful connections with peers and mentors, our diverse range of programs caters to professionals at every stage of their journey. By becoming a member, you'll not only gain valuable insights and knowledge but also contribute to a vibrant community dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in adult education. 

In addition to our wide-ranging offerings, membership in our professional organization grants exclusive access to members-only content, enhancing your professional experience even further. From insightful newsletters packed with information and insights to timely legislative updates that keep you informed of crucial developments, our member-exclusive resources ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, through our dedicated member app, you'll unlock access to money-saving deals and special offers. Joining our organization not only opens doors to unparalleled professional development but also grants you entry into a community where your success and growth are paramount.  Join ACE of Florida today and embark on a journey of continuous learning and professional empowerment.

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ACE Membership Bonus:
Did you know that by joining ACE of Florida you are automatically a member of the Coalition of Adult Basic Education (COABE) with all the membership privileges of that national adult education organization??